Corinne Sophia was born on July 12th, 2011 at 1:27pm into the loving arms of her parents Emily and Ryan Moll at Mercy in Rogers, AR. Corinne immediately had medical complications and was helicoptered by the Angel One team to Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock. After several days of medical testing and amazing medical care Corinne was diagnosed with Zellweger’s Syndrome, a rare metabolic genetic disorder that affects normal brain development and leads to respiratory distress and in Corinne’s case heart failure. Corinne was back transported, again by the Angel One helicopter team, to Washington Regional Hospital in Fayetteville, AR so she could be loved by all of her friends, family, and big brother Evan. Corinne passed on August 10, 2011 at 9:16pm in the arms of her Parents.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Arkansas Children's Hospital

Each year the Arkansas Children's Hospital Foundation honors and recognizes its most generous donators. Because of the all amazing financial support all of our friends and family showed to ACH in Corinne's memory we made a big impact because Corinne's name has made it on the "Donor Wall of Honor" in the main lobby and the "Tribute Wall".... to quote the letter... " The fund in tribute of Corinne Sophia Moll provided significant financial support for ACH in 2011 and qualifies to be listed on the tribute wall"

This makes me so proud! And thankful!

I hope to keep this momentum going. I think there is an annual amount that can be donated in honor of a patient to keep them on the Donor Wall. It would make me so happy to know Corinne's name could mark the walls of Arkansas Children's hospital for years to come. So I hope to have fundraisers in the future for proceeds to go to ACH. So with that said if anyone is up to make donations in Corinne's memory we would be so appreciative! Every dollar counts!, there are no small contributions :)

The care we got at ACH was amazing and never once made me doubt we were getting the best care for Corinne possible. The NICU staff of doctors and nurses were amazing! Though the doctors personal skills may be lacking at times their medical brilliance was not, there are some pretty amazing doctors that work there and are making huge impacts in the lives of so many families. My sisters both work in the medical community and I always had a respect for them, but after going through 29days of hospital care I truly realized the impact the medical community makes on the lives of so many. It brings a whole new level or respect to me for the medical community thats for sure!!

Ryan and I have not made it back to ACH but hope to soon to see Corinne's name on the wall!!

Angel One Helicopter team arrives at Mercy to take Corinne to ACH (July 12th)

Pictures taken the day we left ACH to go to Washington Regional

Corinne arrives to her 3rd hospital Washington Regional and 2nd helicopter ride by Angel One of ACH

My sweet amazing Corinne Sophia, I never understood how something so beautiful on the outside could be so broken on the inside. Love you baby girl!!!!!!!

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