Corinne Sophia was born on July 12th, 2011 at 1:27pm into the loving arms of her parents Emily and Ryan Moll at Mercy in Rogers, AR. Corinne immediately had medical complications and was helicoptered by the Angel One team to Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock. After several days of medical testing and amazing medical care Corinne was diagnosed with Zellweger’s Syndrome, a rare metabolic genetic disorder that affects normal brain development and leads to respiratory distress and in Corinne’s case heart failure. Corinne was back transported, again by the Angel One helicopter team, to Washington Regional Hospital in Fayetteville, AR so she could be loved by all of her friends, family, and big brother Evan. Corinne passed on August 10, 2011 at 9:16pm in the arms of her Parents.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 2 -Arrive at Arkansas Children's Hospital

Wednesday July 13, 2011 by 5am I was awake and asking the nurse to find the doctor so we could get my discharge going. By 8am I was standing at my front door in my hospital gown that was open in the back ringing my door bell. My mom thought I had escaped from the Hospital. I showered, threw some very random clothes in a bag, kissed on Evan for a few minutes, and headed out of town. The next 24hours were the hardest thing I have gone through so far in my life (writing this on August 1, 2011). During our car ride I had several conversations with Ryan who was meeting with doctors. The information he was getting was very complex and the information I was getting was very much jumbled because Ryan was so overwhelmed with information. He said something about Trisomy 13 or 18… I called my sister Sarah.. she pulled up her medical website and started reading to me. My world fell out from underneath me. I heard things “life expectancy of 1 week to a year”, “ cardiac defects”. My sisters who are both in the medical profession instantly realized the seriousness of this and Rachel who is in California got a red eye into Little Rock arriving Thursday morning and Sarah got a flight arriving that night from Ohio. The next few hours really are a blur. I arrived at the hospital and after meeting with doctors and being told shocking news. I feel apart crying on Sarah T’s shoulder. Everything they were saying made no sense to me on so many levels. I looked at Corinne and she looked so perfect on the outside how could so many things internally be wrong with her. I would like to say I am a relatively smart person and I couldn’t even comprehend the things that were being said to me. The next few days my sisters would be my life line to understand what was going on. All I remember thinking is there is no way I would have been able to make it through the first few days if it wasn’t for Robin, Jeff and Sarah T, my sisters Sarah and Rachel, and Ryan. And of course my Mom who was caring for Evan and Ryan’s parents Bob and Cheryl who were on their way to care for Evan. I remember I was nursing and I wanted to get to a hotel so I could try and pump (I hadn’t gotten my milk in yet). My sister Sarah’s flight got delayed/cancelled and she ended driving from Memphis to Little Rock with some strangers. I “slept”, pumped, cried, and fell apart for the next few hours…

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